2 Ingredient Summer Strawberry Ice Cream!

So, if you ever get onto Pinterest, you may have heard about 1 ingredient banana ice cream. Basically, you freeze a banana and then blend it in a food processor and it becomes “ice cream”. I’m not sure who started circulating this but you can find one of many instructions here. Well, I have to admit I was a skeptic. I was thinking to myself, nah bro, a frozen blended banana will taste like a frozen blended banana. Which isn’t bad, but it certainly can’t be compared with ice cream. I must have first heard of this about a year ago, and dismissed it every time I saw a post about it somewhere. Well, I guess the summer weather got to my head, because the other day I decided to give it a try. And, well, I could tell it wasn’t ice cream mainly because I didn’t immediately feel sick, but the texture with smooth, creamy, rich, totally ice cream like and unexpected!! I guess I had been warned, but I mean, warned by people that can’t be trusted—people that want you to like something because it’s GOOD for you, and that maybe causes them to exaggerated the tastiness of recipes sometimes. IME (in my experience).

This discovery made me want to experiment. I had yet to (but don’t worry, I will) recreate my favorite Chunky Monkey ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s by adding walnuts and chocolate chunks to the banana flavored “ice cream”. I tried somebody’s mint chocolate chip version and tossed it in the garbage. And that’s saying something because I almost never throw food away; if it tastes OK, I’ll eat it and just not remake it. This tasted like whipped mint cough syrup. GROSS.

Well it turns out that strawberries are still in season, and I bought a whole flat of them and had thrown them in the freezer (after eating a cup of them fresh; yum). So I combined 2 frozen burro bananas (see picture—they are flatter, wider, and in my experience, slightly more starchy and less sweet and banana-y; they also seem a bit smaller than the kinds we are used to seeing, which I THINK are called Cavendish bananas)

burro bananas

and created the banana “ice cream” then added about a cup and a half of frozen strawberries and blended on high until smooth (my food processor is pretty darn heavy duty; a weaker one may not handle this well, in which case I suggest letting the bananas and strawberries thaw just a little, and chopping into smaller pieces before blending. You could also allow a few pieces of frozen strawberries to stay in tact, which would be pretty darn tasty.) After blending I scooped into a large mug and put back in the freezer for about an hour to firm up, then scooped into balls and served:

strawberry ice cream 2

I topped this with about a Tb of chopped dark chocolate chips, but you know what? I wasn’t digging it. The taste of creamy, fresh strawberries was where this was at and even though I generally follow the rule that chocolate makes everything better, next time I’ll serve plain, because it was that freaking good.

DO IT!!!

strawberry ice cream


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