Seal Beach Salad

Last night John and I were planning to go to the beach with a friend, who ended up being too hung over and bailed on us. This tends to happen, this bailing on us thing, with friends….it has made me ready to throw the whole idea into the garbage, this having friends idea. I mean, maybe the real reason people bail on us is they can’t compete with the awesome company that John and I are to each other, and it’s just too darn intimidating. I’m going with that. Either way, we were left in the lurch and our going to the beach with a friend plan had to turn into a romantic walk on the beach date. Fudge, my life is so darn rough.

Right before we left we realized we were both hungry, and we weren’t feeling up to spending money eating out once we got to the beach, so I perused the fridge and made this salad to go, and OMG….

beach salad

I’m having this every day for the rest of my life. Maybe I was tricked by the sun setting behind the surfers on the beautiful California waves. Maybe the sand between my toes led me to believe the experience was all due to this salad’s flavor. Maybe I’m in love because of all the fresh basil in it and I die and go to heaven every time I eat something with fresh basil. But either way, I thought I had to share, because it would be selfish of me not too. Thanks to me, you too can create your own Seal Beach Salad. You’re on your own for the beach part, though.


Black pitted olives

Canned green beans

Chopped fresh tomatoes

Chopped fresh basil leaves

Quartered artichoke hearts

Balsamic vinegar

Splash of olive oil.

That’s it. SO simple. I had to go dance in the water afterwards and the seagulls took advantage of the moment and ate my plum.

I hope they appreciated how local and organic that fruit was.


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