My Smoothie Bowl Addiction


It’s so pretty!!! I can’t stand it.


Look how happy I am! You too could be this happy. …


No,  no stop it.  I know I should have waited for the first layer of green smoothie to freeze a little more but I was impatient…I wanted it now! Plus we were about to go to the beach (hence my bathing suit) and every minute we were missing waves (shame).

I made the green smoothie first; you can make how you like;  mine had spinach, green pea sprouts, banana and ice


Then I stuck it in a bowl and in the freezer while I let chia seeds soak in an adorable little bowl (exhibit A)


Then I added a plain no sugar added greek yogurt to the top of the smoothie, then topped with cut up purple grapes and strawberries, then the chia, then a few date pieces. THEN I stuck it all back in the freezer for about 30 minutes so it got all chilled and frosty, then ate it ALL on the porch with a giant spoon.



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