The Winning Grain Free Coffee Cake Recipe with a Secret Ingredient!


Um, first of all, YUM!! Second of all, these are so soo freaking moist I have no idea how they can stack that way without falling apart. Third of all, you won’t BELIEVE this recipe has NO grains if any kind, so it’s totes gluten free and also happens to be dairy free. Not vegan or paleo, but hey, I can’t be wonder woman every day can I? These were delicious, I kept putting off eating them because they taste like guilt, but I kept having to remind myself that it was actually healthy! Are you ready for the secret ingredient? No, no you’re not;  nothing could prepare you for this moment: this coffee cake is made with BEANS!!!

Hello? Anyone still considering making this? Maybe we need another picture


  • I wish I could trick all of you into eating them and raving about them before you knew the truth like I do with John, but alas, maybe some of you will still make this recipe, and if not, it is your loss. It is actually kinda perfect with Fall approaching. …maybe we could add some apples to it?
  • The recipe is not mine; I found it Here. I did modify it a bit—I didn’t add stevia, and I used canned beans, drained but not rinsed, which made my batter a bit thinner than hers I think,  cause I only added 1 tb coconut oil cause it was already so wet, and then baked it for longer than she did (by 5-10 minutes) and it came out perfect. I also added 2 tb instant coffee which I think made mine darker than hers, and I made my own topping with cinnamon, nutmeg, almonds, brown sugar and ghee. I will make again!! IMG_20150830_094352
  • Breakfast is served! 20150829_230430

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