Ashtanga Series 1: Fit Friday

Happy Fit Friday,  everyone! Today I’m going to share with you my recent fitness obsession: Ashtanga yoga. Ashtanga is named after the 8 limbs of yoga and is an ancient practice not for the faint of heart or the deconditioned, with a preset flow of vinyasa asanas  (meaning sequence of poses done in sync with the breath), starting with a 90 minute primary series, then a secondary series, then 4 advanced series, created by K Pattbahli Jois. All week I have been easing into the primary series every morning. Tuesday I did 20 minutes, Wednesday I did 1 hour, and yesterday I did all 90 minutes. This morning I will do it again, and I feel a bit sore everywhere. I’m hooked! I love the challenge and I have been doing better than I expected myself. Looks like lifting all those weights since leaving a more dedicated practice in February (since then doing mostly yoga stretches, almost daily but only 10-30 minutes at a time) has made me a stronger yogi.

I now want to recommend Ashtanga for everyone, I am loving it so much! (I tend to do that;  recommend whatever is working for me: I recognize that you have to find what works best for you! ) I was certified in Iyengar, which is similar to Ashtanga but the poses can be woven in a variety of sequences and uses props to help  assist into the poses (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets). Which brings me to an exciting announcement! I will be teaching my own yoga class Wednesday nights starting next week at the 24 Hour Fitness  Super Sport in Yorba Linda,  CA! *does kartwheel*

I feel unworthy when I think of how much yoga I still have to learn, but I am more than willing and enthused to rise to the challenge! This will probably mean I will be sharing more about yoga in future posts. For now,  it is time for my Ashtanga practice to begin!



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