Update and Candida-Diet Friendly English Muffins


Hi everyone! I have been meaning to post more, but honestly the past 2 weeks has been a pretty turbulent ride of sickness and doctor visits, and all my food restrictions has made eating so overwhelming that I haven’t been wanting to cook or found that many things I want to share (cause they are too bland, or weird). But I’m feeling better right now and want to give everyone an update, as well as share an easy recipe that I was pretty excited to find, that is gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free, is Candida-diet approved and satisfies a craving for something comforting that isn’t vegetables or meat: 2 Minute Coconut Flour English Muffins!

Recipe is stolen from Running to the Kitchen. I didn’t have almond flour (and also am only allowed to have almonds like once a week) so I just used 1/4 cup coconut flour (didn’t need an extra TB of flour cause coconut flour is so absorbent) and proceeded with the plain version (no raisins for me!). By itself it was a little dry, but with the berries I put on top it was very delicious and satisfying! I’m thinking of other topping options for the future: pumpkin seed butter, cashew butter, ghee, pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches–so many more options for me now :). I’m super happy about it, and also planning on trying chickpea flour with this as soon as I get some.

An update on my condition: after the doctor diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and leaky gut, I went to see a specialist who ran a series of tests on me to determine what my gut had averse reactions to (intolerances, irritants, allergies, all that) and the list was huge! She also ran a series of other tests that showed 3 things: that I’m deficient in many nutrients (because my gut hasn’t been able to digest and absorb nutrients from food), that I have an advanced case of candida fungal infection in my intestines, and that my thyroid is not functioning properly.

Above is the list of dietary restrictions I am on for the next 3 months as a result—red is cannot have, black is OK, black italics is OK in small quantities, and green is I should incorporate an item from this list at every meal, because I need these foods to help with my nutrient deficiencies and restore gut health. Some of the things on the red list I can’t have because I’m intolerant or allergic, some because they feed candida (anything with sugar, like added sugars and fruit) and some because they contain heavy metals or other toxins that my body is handicapped at removing from my system right now (such as tuna, pork, and unfiltered water). My doctor also has me on professional grade, highly absorb-able supplements to address my deficiencies and heal my gut lining.

I got tested for hypothyroidism last week and should find out tomorrow. If I have developed antibodies against my thyroid (meaning my body recognizes my thyroid as a foreign invader and attacks it) it is incredibly likely that I have Celiac disease, as I have already tested positive for extreme gluten intolerance and have classic Celiac symptoms. The good news is Celiac may very well be the cause of all my leaky gut problems, thyroid problems and deficiencies and eventually that may be all I’m left with. It’s yet to be determined.

I would be glad if it was, because it’s a simple answer and also because that means that this isn’t really my fault for having these problems after my eating disorder, which I have been struggling feeling like it all is just what I ‘had coming’ for my poor decisions. Fighting that feeling regardless. For now, more recipes will be following 🙂





2 thoughts on “Update and Candida-Diet Friendly English Muffins

  1. Praying for you to work through all this well. With God’s hand on you and the assistance of your doctor, I know you can!

    You can make your own chick pea flour if you have a food processor (if you don’t, let me know) using dried garbanzo beans. I’m pretty sure you have a good food store nearby like Whole Foods that will stock them. Your list is pretty restricted right now, but there are still some delicious things available to you. Good thing you are so creative! Keep us informed of your progress. Love u!


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