I should introduce myself.

Why is giving a self summary so difficult?

Maybe because we are all constantly evolving, growing, bumping into each other and changing colors, some aspects of ourselves fading and others increasing in vibration, some morphing into something that looks almost the opposite of what it started out as.

Yesterday 2 beautiful mandalas were tattooed on my body in part to remind me of the interconnection of the universe. The idea that we are separate entities is largely an illusion. Our energies are intricately woven together. People believe in lines; in barriers. There are no barriers.

Love is an energy that has no barriers. People believe that love should be put in a tidy little box. That they can love others without loving themselves; even that they should. But where then is this love coming from if it can’t channel through you? How can we fill others with life when we are empty? Love flows through a pinpoint opening and expands outward, bleeding over lines without regard. We are our own world’s pinpoint entrance.

People believe food has barriers. That they can eat a sick cow and not get sick, but that the calories in a vibrant piece of fruit can hurt them. Indulgence is being equated with food that makes us sick, and punishment with foods that bring us healing and life.

We cannot change what we ate last year, or last week, or yesterday, or even this morning. But we can change what we eat today, and we can change how we view food and how we treat ourselves going forward. So I want to begin this blog with love; love towards ourselves today, and using love as the motivation behind what we put in our bodies. The diet world is full of Do’s and Don’t, restrictions, rules, codes; breaking foods and habits and writing them in black lists or “superfood” lists. The glorification and praise for rigidness and shame associated with “cheating” on these diets capture many in downward spirals of shame, self loathing, and deprivation.

I’ve been there. I’m preaching to myself. I’m apologizing to myself for all the pain and punishment I have put myself through. I am starting a new relationship with myself and a new relationship with food; one of abundance and love. Come with me.


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